Womens & Mens Friday 2s Event 3 of 3

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6:00 pm EDT

SandBox Volleyball

Anticipated level of play A/BB
This will be the 2nd event in our 2020 W/M2s series. You may register to play in as many of the events as you would like. The mini series events are a points based series, with an emphasis on winning events and/or playing in multiple events so that you make it to the CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT, where there is a CASH PAYOUT!!!

The payout is a percentage of the entry fees that are collected from the three mini series events.

The championship event will be held on 9/18.

For this event players enter as a two person team. Then will play with other registered teams throughout the evening. Points will be given on an individual basis. You are not required to play all events as a team.

The winner(s) of each event will take home some cotton the day of the event. Your team will also automatically qualify for the Championship event. If you choose to split your team up for the championship event, your potential seed would be based off of you and your partner for the championship combined individual point total.

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Womens & Mens Friday 2s Event 3 of 3
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