Tourney #5

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Opi's 5 Star Lanes

Here’s the scoop! $75/team. Coed sixes. Max 3 guys, min two girls. Guys hit.

Seven tournaments in 2019, approximately every 6 weeks with a Tournament of Champions in December!

The goal? To give every level of play a chance to compete in local Central Wisconsin Tournaments. The tournaments will start with play in games and then be broken into brackets based on records of play in games, giving everyone a chance to play closer to their level. Bracket Champions will have a chance to move up and beat upper brackets. In order to “swap” the money from a bracket above, you will have to beat them two matches.

How do I earn a spot in the Big Dance? The easy way-win one of the 7 tournaments. Then, there will be 4 wildcard spots. If a champion wins more than one, there will be additional wildcard spots. Wildcard spots will be based on a point system.

Diamond Bracket Champ-4
Gold Bracket Champ-3
Silver Bracket Champ-2
Bronze Bracket Champ-1
Overall Runner Up-2
Gold Runner Up-1

Tourney of Champ- If you win a tournament, or earn points in a tournament, we will document your playing roster that day. The Tourney of Champions must have 3 of the players from the tournament winning teams, and wildcard teams must have 3 of the players that played in any tournaments they played in. This will be strictly followed.
Wildcards will be announced at the conclusion of the 7 tournaments.

Entry-$75($5 of each entry will go into the Tournament of Champions.

Opis will be indoor Sand tournaments limited to 14 teams, and 12 for the Championsip in December.

Wildhorse is outdoor and will be limited to 32 teams on 8 courts.

Payouts are based on entries, typically Bracket Champs and Gold/Silver Runner Ups. Gold Runner Up will always win more than a lower champion.

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