TCS 1st Annual Volleyball Tournament

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8:00 am EDT

Trinity Christian School

Welcome to the 1st annual volleyball tournament hosted at Trinity Christian School!

I work at Trinity in IT, teaching and Coaching Volleyball. I thought it’d be a nice time to have an indoor tournament before Grass/doubles season really starts up.

2 ladies min per team.

We will setup 2 courts side by side and can have 4 teams on each court.

Each team cost will be $240 per team. It will be a co-ed tournament.

There will be prizes for the top two teams. It should be a lot of fun and our gym is pretty nice =) We’re conveniently located near George Mason Athletic fields and University Mall.

Please just send me an email at [email protected] to ask any questions and signups.

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TCS 1st Annual Volleyball Tournament
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