Sunday Grass Coed 4’s Volleyball Tournament

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10:00 am MDT

Runway 35 Pool

Starts Sunday, 5/12. Repeats every Sunday!

Coed 4’s Tournament
Keel Vodka Volleyball Tournament Series
Presented by Meet Play Chill
10 AM – 6 PM

Stapleton, CO
Grass Volleyball Tournament
Format: Coed 4’s Tournament – sign-up your team of 4 – max 2 male players.
$60 per team if registered by 11 days before
$80 per team if registered by 2 days before

**Can only take the first 20 teams**

You will play 2 games of seed play. We’ll group the teams based on performance into A pool, B pool and/or C pool where you will play between 5-7 additional games. At the end of pool play, we’ll take the top 4 teams from each pool to play a single-elimination tournament to declare a winner of each bracket.

We will have a redemption tournament for the winners of each pool:

Winner of Pool C v Winner of Pool B
Winner of above match v Winner of Pool A

You will be playing 4v4 every game.

You must have a full team of 4 to register for this tournament.

If you are an individual player looking for a spot, please e-mail me at [email protected] or post on our Facebook Event Page and I’ll do my absolute best to place you on a team.

Skill level range from B to A.

Tournament lasts about 5.5 – 6 hours.

Expect at least 9-15 games to be played.

Registration and PAYMENT must be received before you are scheduled in the tournament!

Please call or text Mike at 303-923-5645 if you have any questions!

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