St. Michael’s Young Adult Hat Draw Volleyball Tournament

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9:00 am EDT

St Michael's Church

The Findlay Frassati young adult group of St. Michael’s Catholic Church invites all to an indoor volleyball tournament. The tournament will be held in the school gym.

Cost/lunch: the only entry fee we ask is a food or drink (non-alcoholic) to share. Since the tournament will run through lunch, we will have a pot luck style lunch available at the concession stand. PLEASE CONSIDER BRINGING A MAIN DISH.

Format: the tournament will be a coed hat draw tournament. All participants will enter their names upon arrival. Men and women will have their names placed in a different “hat” in order to balance men and women on each team. Names will be drawn to form teams shortly before start time.

The tournament will have round robin play. Consisting of each team playing one set to 25 (Two sets may be played based on how many participating teams there are). Each team will be responsible for recording records and scores, this will help determine seeding for bracket play.

All teams will compete in single elimination bracket play to determine the winning team. One set will determine who advances to the next round.

Following the tournament, free play may continue until otherwise determined by those organizing the event. The purpose of the event is to allow all to participate and enjoy volleyball together, it is not designed to provide the most competitive tournament.

Rules: the games will be self reffed. Players will be expected to call their own violations, such as lift and net violations. However please recognize that there will be different levels of skills, inexperienced players should not be held as accountable as those with more playing experience.

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St. Michael’s Young Adult Hat Draw Volleyball Tournament
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