Spooky Draw 2019

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8:00 am CDT

River Falls High School

1) WHAT: 10th Annual Spooky Draw – COMPETITIVE Coed 6’s Volleyball Luck of the Draw Tournament (fundraiser for RF High School VB team)

2) WHERE: River Falls High School (818 Cemetery Rd)

3) WHEN: Saturday, October 19th
Gym opens 8:00am
Check-in/pay 8:00 am – 8:30am (* see notes)
Draw at 8:45am
Ghoul play starts at 9:00am

4) COST/SIGN UP: $20/person, sign-up in advance (* see notes), pay the morning of (cash only).

5) FORMAT: Ghoul play * followed by a single elimination tournament* on 5 courts (120 player max – Separate setter draw*).

6) PRIZES: a) Winning team T-shirts
b) Best costume 1st, 2nd, 3rd ($50/$35/$20) – as voted by the players
c) Organizer’s Choice ($25/award, Qty TBD)-
d) Free Beer for all!

7) SIGN UP: To sign up, you must either write on the event wall, or contact me directly ( Chris Text – 612-414-4531, email – [email protected], or FB Messenger , I will send you a message letting you know that you are signed up or on the wait list, but until you get that message you are not officially signed up. The official list is located in a pinned post in the “Discussion” tab on this event page.

8) DON’Ts: NO alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or any other illegal drugs allowed on school grounds.

9) CONCESSIONS: Will NOT be available. Feel free to bring your own food/beverages (see previous paragraph for items not allowed inside the gym), but please clean up after yourselves.



12) QUESTIONS: Post on this event wall or contact Chris Bartos (email: [email protected], cell: 612-414-4531 or FB Messenger)

************NOTES SECTION***********************
* If you are going to be late (arriving after 8:30am), please notify me (Chris Bartos), you will still get to play, but you may not get to draw for yourself.

* If you sign up and receive confirmation that you are in, it is YOUR OBLIGATION to let me know if your plans change and you can not play and to let me know AS SOON AS YOU KNOW!!!

* There will be a separate setter draw. The female players who want to be listed as a setter will draw before other players in an attempt to distribute the setters as evenly as possible amongst all the teams.
To be listed as a setter, please state that when you sign up or you may also let me know when you show up and check in.

* This tournament is intended for COMPETITIVE volleyball players ages 18 and older. Players should have both the DESIRE to play competitive volleyball and the ABILITY to play competitive volleyball.

* GHOUL PLAY – Standard pool play except you are rewarded for wearing a costume. For each member of your team that is wearing a costume more than your opponents, your team gets a point to start the game. So if your team has 5 people wearing costumes and your opponent only has 3 people wearing costumes, you would start the game up 2-0 against them. You are not obligated to wear a costume, but those who choose not to will not only be costing their team a point during Ghoul play, but will also be referred to as a Fun-hater and relentlessly mocked & ridiculed all day long!

* During the single elimination tournament costumes are not required nor will they provide any point benefit.

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