Shorty Sixes Men’s & Women’s 6’s Tournament – Cash Payout

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10:00 am EDT

Gahanna Sports Factory

Saturday October 19th, come play some indoor volleyball at this Shorty Sixes tournament. Men 6 feet and under and women 5’8 and under. There will be a line on the wall, doesn’t matter what your license says.

The nets will be slightly lower than normal.

Check in at 10:00am, captains meeting at 10:15am and balls up at 10:30am. If you need a late start, it must be approved by me or Brian.

$180 per team.

Men’s & Women’s 6’s

Levels of play for each (see below for team list)
1. Men’s BB/A
2. Men’s B

1. Women’s BB/A

Tournament will be pool play followed by a single elimination tournament. Divisions may be adjusted/combined based on turnout as well as skill level day of the tournament. Men’s BB/A will split into Upper and Lower after pool play if 10+ teams and lower winner will get shirts

Men’s BB/A: 1st:$360** & Shirts, 2nd: Money back & Shirts
Men’s B: Shirts
Women’s BB/A: 1st:$360** & Shirts, 2nd: Money back & Shirts

**Payouts subject to full divisions, amount may change based on total turnout.**

Tournament registration post here on the event or here:

Save time and fill out the waiver online before the tournament:

Please note, registration isn’t final until payment is received

-Coming from north on Morrison road, turn left at first driveway when you see the Gahanna Commerce Center sign, you will drive past the Ohio Lottery office
-Coming from south on Morrison road, turn right after you pass the Gahanna Commerce Sign, and drive past the Ohio Lottery office

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