Shorties Men and Women 6’s- March 28

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9:00 am EDT

Elite Sportsplex

Helloooo Shorties! Indoor season is in full kick off.
Post on wall to sign up a team or text me 810-728-1800. If you send me a DM and we are not already friends your message will be delayed. First to pay deposits will reserve spots, NO DEPOSIT NO SPOT RESERVED. This tournament has filled everytime we have hosted, so please send $$ in right away! CLICK TO READ ALL TEXT PLEASE!

Free Agents post on page and I will try and make something work if you don’t get picked up by someone.

FORMAT: Mens and Womens 6s, one division only. Competitive play, not an entry level tourney. 4 matches guaranteed. Playoffs split into Gold and Silver brackets. Double/Triple entry fee back for 1st place Gold, entry fee back for 2nd place Gold (Prize money will be edited if there are less than 12 teams in division) Free pizza for all!

RULES: All men must measure 6’0 and under. All women must measure 5’8 and under. Don’t sign up if you are too tall! Your team will have to play without you and you will be sitting on the sideline! Only players listed on roster turned into me before tournament will be allowed to play. Drivers license will be accepted at door for height verification, BUT if you look close to the cutoff I will pull you aside to measure you! Shoes off ok for measurement. You can have as many players on your roster as you wish.

NOTES: $50 deposit required to hold teams spot via PAYPAL/VENMO Paypal:([email protected] or Venmo: (@roly-roldan) Easy and safe apps to use. The $50 deposit is subtracted from your teams overall entry fee of $180. That’s $30 a player if you play with 6. You can pay in full via Paypal/Venmo or pay the remainder day of in CASH ONLY.

More detailed game play rules, facility rules and brackets will be distributed closer to day of.


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