Setters Cincy – Stupid Cupid – BYOP Quads Lottery

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4:20 pm EST

Setters Cincy - Indoor and Outdoor Beach Volleyball

Cupid can be Stupid! Come get with some friends!
$25.00 a Player
Light snacks, competition, and fun!

This year’s Stupid Cupid is a CoEd BYOP. Bring your favorite Coed Partner or bring a Newbie. If you bring someone new to the facility (Never been to a Lou Lottery), you only pay $15.00 for your entry. Pair up, sign up, and wear your pink!!!!

Meet some new people and have a great time! Winter 2020 is here and it’s cold. Come inside and get warm with many sweethearts.

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Setters Cincy - Stupid Cupid - BYOP Quads Lottery
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