RevCo Volley for Alexis!

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11/15/2019 - 11/16/2019
7:30 pm - 5:00 am EST

Clearview Baptist Church

Hello everyone! The Lynchburg volleyball community is putting together a tournament for Alexis Livingston.

For those of you who do not know Alexis, she is a member of our small community. She was a law student at Liberty University. An amazing friend to many of us.

In March of 2019, Alexis was in horrible accident where her life changed completely. Family and friends gathered as they thought Alexis would never recover. On March 24th, the family received news that she had suffered unrecoverable catastrophic brain injury that she could never recover from. But our Alexis should never be counted out. She has been flown to Atlanta, Georgia for special care and therapy for her injuries. Currently she is in Richmond, Virginia surrounded by family. Improvement occurs daily and is slow and sometimes hard to see every day but the next step is home health care! This includes a wheelchair van where Alexis would be able to go home and receive the care needed from home!

To read more on her injuries and her amazing story visit the link below:

In celebration for this amazing transition, let’s have a night full of fundraising!

This RevCo tournament will consist of 14 teams. RevCo rules will apply and be clarified at the captains meeting. Format of the tournament is below.

– Captains meeting will begin at 7:30.
– Start time will be 7:45 PM (Pool play will begin promptly)
– Pool play games will consist of 3 sets per match.
– Pool play games will EACH be to 21.
– Each team will be guaranteed 18 sets of play.
– Each team will play everyone in their pool.
– At the end of pool play, one team will be eliminated from each pool.
– At the beginning of tournament play, the teams will be seeded.
– Tournament play will consist of “best of three” play.
– Set 1 to 25, set 2 to 25, set three to 15 [if necessary]
– Only ONE LU Men’s player per team.
– Only ONE LU Women’s player per team.
– Guys can only hit from back row and they canNOT block.

There will be a prize for the winners at the end of the night. The prize will be announced by the beginning of the tournament.

The cost of each team will be $100! The maximum amount of people per team is 5. If you do not pay then you will not play! Money will be taken as you enter the door via cash!!!

REGISTER BY contacting myself or Emily Duncan through direct message!!!!!! Hurry up because this one is going to fill up quick!!!

Bring your blankets and sleeping bags for breaks in the middle of games because its’ going to be a long night of fun! Hope to see you there!

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