Revco Quads

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8:00 am EST

Lees Hall

Revco Quads
Dated: 3/7//20
Location: Cedar Crest College in Lees Hall
100 College Drive Allentown, PA 18104
Check in: 8:30 a.m.
First Serve: 9:00 a.m.
Price per team: $120.00
Levels: BB levels.
Running two courts
Women’s net height.
Only women may block and hit in front of the 10 ft line.
Men can attack from behind the 10 ft line.
No jump serves allowed.
No tipping.
We are shooting for 10 teams with 2 pools playing 2 games to 25. Semis 1 game to 25, finals best of 3 to 25
Email- Your teams name
[email protected]
$60 deposit
Venmo deposit @Shelby-Morgan-2

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Revco Quads
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