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8:30 am EDT

Prospect Park

NY Horizon is pleased to announce our first grass 4v4 reverse co-ed volleyball tournament. This will be a two-court 10-team tournament with pool play and playoffs, and winners will win prizes. Come out and play before we move indoors for the winter season!

This tournament will be held on Sunday October 20th, 2019 at Prospect Park; the exact location will be shared closer to the tournament date. Parking spots will be available but does fill up quickly.

If the forecast does not cooperate, we will move the tournament to Saturday October 19th, 2019. Team check-ins will be at 8:45 am and the first games will start at 9 am. We will also be selling t-shirts, food, and beverages.

The deadline to register is Friday October 11th, 2019 with a team fee of $80. Team registration after this date is $100. There will be no refunds.

– Gold bracket winners: Cash prize
– Silver bracket winners: Cash prize

– There will be 2 courts in which each court will have 5 teams
– Each game consists of 2 sets up to 21, cap at 23
– Games will start at zero
– After pool play, the top 5 teams will be seeded into Gold or Silver playoff brackets
– For playoffs, each game will be best of 3 sets, up to 21, cap at 23
– Top 2 teams of each pool will go into the Gold bracket
3rd and 4th teams will go into the Silver bracket
– For Gold and Silver final games, it will be best of 3 sets, up to 25, cap at 27
– A 15 point game will be played if a third game arises

1. The tournament will follow reverse co-ed and outdoor rules.
2. Each team must have at least 2 women on the court at all times
3. Men must hit behind the 10 ft line
4. Working teams must provide an up ref, down ref, and lines **TEAMS, PLEASE BRING WHISTLES!!!**
5. Open to all levels
6. Regular indoor rules
7. Any net touches will be considered a fault
8. Teams will have a total of 4 minutes to warm-up, with a 1 minute warning
9. Teams playing their first game will be allowed 5 minutes to warm up
10. Each team will be given 2 timeouts per set that will be 1 minute

– Absolutely no drinking or smoking at the premise
– Teams that violate this rule will be disqualified and will be asked to leave.
– Arguing with the ref is prohibited
– Players are to be respectful and courteous with others
– Usage of profanity will be prohibited
– Players are expected to display good sportsmanship
– Teams must work when scheduled
– Please pick up after yourselves

CLOSED! We reached our cap at 10 teams.

PayPal: [email protected]
Venmo: https://venmo.com/code?user_id=2837411105079296304

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