Nov. 16: THPRD Rev. Coed 4s Tournament

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7:00 am PST

Tualatin Hills Athletic Center

As usual, we are under a crunch to get things done on time because of other programs that take place at this location in the evening so please make sure that you are on time for the tournament.

To register your team, post that you would like a spot and your division as OPEN, AA/A, or BB/B. (Divisions may be combined due to number of teams)

We will not have a scheduled lunch break. Please plan accordingly.

*24 Team Cap

Indoor Reverse Co-ed Quads. Pool play in the morning and bracket play to follow.
Division/level (OPEN, A/AA or B/BB). Depending on your record during pool play will determine your seeding.

**5 minute warm ups in Pool Play
**8 minute warm ups in Bracket Play

*Pool play
4 team pools – 1 game to 28 (cap of 28)
3 team pools – 2 games to 21 (cap of 21)

*Bracket play
Double elimination (no point cap)
Winners bracket: Best of 3 (21, 21, 15)
Losers bracket: 1 set (30)

Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019

$120 per team

THPRD Athletic Center
50 NW 158th Ave
Beaverton, OR 97006

THPRD prizes will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place in each division.

Gym Open/Check in – 8am
Captain’s Meeting – 8:15am
First Serve – 8:30am

RC4 Indoor Rules
• Guys must hit behind the 10ft line
• Guys must hit in a visible upward trajectory, if foot is touching the line or in front of the 10ft line
• Guys can block guys (directional blocking is OK, including free ball overs)
• Guys can fake block a girl as long as there is no ball contact above the plain of the net
• Setting a serve or any first ball is OK
• Block does NOT count as a touch
• Double contact on first ball over is OK
• Directional block is OK
• Directional Set over is OK (does not have to be square)
• Open hand tip is OK (guys must be behind the 10ft line)
• Must rotate servers
• Does not need to rotate positions
• A net is a net (women hair is OK)
• Maximum of 2 guys on the court
• If more than 2 girls then they must notify the other team and league director of permanent designed girl as guy for the night. NO CHANGING back and forth.
• Rally scoring
• Let serves are OK
• Women’s height net

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