LKN Crew’s Celebrating SAND SEASON 2020 @Small Bar Ft. Mill!

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8:00 am EDT

Small Bar Ft. Mill

It’s that time ladies and gentlemen!!! Sand season is a few weeks away! Even though a lot of us have been lucky enough to play a little sand already this year, everyone has a chance to play in one month for our kick off to the 2020 sand season!

Format 4v4 coed 2 females min.
Upper AA/A
Lower BB/B

5 Teams -1st $400 2nd-Small Bar Gift Cards
4 Teams – 1st $400

5 Teams -1st $200+KOB ball 2nd-SB Gift Cards
4 Teams- 1st $200+KOB ball

$25 per player for BOTH DIVISIONS!

To sign up send your Venmo to @SamAsis with your teammates names and your division!! We are only taking 5 teams per division so we finish while it’s still warm out. WE SPRING FORWARD THE WEEK BEFORE! March 8th is the time change and Right now the forecast looks nice for the week before and after the 14th! If we cancel every gets credit or a refund, whichever you prefer!

If you need a team comment on the discussion wall!!!

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LKN Crew’s Celebrating SAND SEASON 2020 @Small Bar Ft. Mill!
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