LKN Crew Spring Leagues 2020 @Small Bar Ft. Mill

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6:30 pm EDT

Small Bar Ft. Mill

Spring Leagues 2020!!

All leagues are Double Headers-2 best of 3 matches per night!

Game times are 6:40-7:15-7:50-8:25

Monday 4v4 coed 1 Female Min.
Tuesday 2v2 half Coed/half RevCo
Weds 2v2 Coed
Thursday 4v4 coed 1 Female Min.

Players must play atleast once to qualify for playoffs!

Friday’s will continue to be Blind Draw Nights!

All leagues are 6 weeks including a preseason round robin on opening night and playoffs! Every team makes playoffs in every league!

Winners from every league will get prizes and free volleyball!

We keep our leagues as cheap as possible and give every team two matches per night. We ref and score each other’s matches and we allow free subs through the season. As far as cost vs # of games, we literally want to be the best deal around. We want you to play as many games as possible!

Not to mention you won’t get better drink prices with your volleyball than you get at Small Bar! So all that money you save on your entry fee, you can spend at the bar!

So if you are interested in playing or if you have questions let us know!!!

To sign up you can send your Venmo to @SamAsis along with a note with the night you are playing and your teammates names!

Monday- $160 team
Tuesday – $90 team
Weds- $90 team
Thurs- $160 team

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LKN Crew Spring Leagues 2020 @Small Bar Ft. Mill
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