KW Warm Up Tournament

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4:00 pm EDT

Haber Recreation Centre

Warm up games for Rec and Rec-Int teams (and maybe higher levels if we have some interest) going to the Kitchener DPPCA Tournament

Please email [email protected] with your team’s interest and I will confirm if there is space. Cost will be $66 per team.
If you need a spare player (if all your KW team can’t make it) feel free to post up below

Currently 2 courts booked for a max of 5 teams, and there are 2 other courts available to book for a max of 10 teams on 4 courts.

*Around 6 games per team

*Ivy arms is likely after the games, please let me know if your team plans to join us and we might book the private room

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KW Warm Up Tournament
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