Intermediate Beach Volleyball Class

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10:00 am PDT

Kelly's Cove

Intermediate Clinics are designed to take weekend warriors and casual beach volleyball players to the next level. We organize drills and practices that will help you improve your fundamentals and start competing at a higher level.

More Details:

Skill Level: An understanding of fondumentals skills is required for this class (passing,serving,spiking)

Where: The class will be held at Ocean Beach (704 Great Hwy Parking, San Francisco, CA) on the section between Balboa and the Cliff House. Usually between stairwells 3-5. Call 786-712-9607 if you cannot find us on the morning of the class.

What to bring: Make sure you bring sunscreen, water, and a sweatshirt/jacket (in case if it gets windy/cold).

Parking: Parking is free at the beach parking lot and it’s usually easy to find parking right next to where we play.

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Intermediate Beach Volleyball Class
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