Fundraiser Volleyball Tournament #2

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Hi friends,

As most of you know, I coach club volleyball and the cost tends to be pretty hefty for the kiddos and their families. To help cover some of the costs, the club decided to host two fundraiser tournaments for the year! This page is for the second tournament on March 21st.

This tournament will be an A division Hi/Low 4’s with standard Hi/Low rules applying.
Taking 10 – 12 teams
$80 per team
1st place payout is $100
2nd place payout is $80

To sign up, just post in the page!
Feel free to include teammates and team names in your post.

Again, this is a fundraiser so I know the payout isn’t incredibly high but I really appreciate y’all making these tournaments happen and helping out these kids. My players will be present to line judge and run scores and I will have up-refs volunteering as well!


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