Dig it Men’s & Women’s Indoor Tournament A, BB, & B Levels

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9:00 am EDT

Griffin Elite Sports and Wellness

Dig It!
Men’s and Women’s bring your own team indoor 6’s tournament
at the awesome Griffin Elite!

Levels offered:

Men’s A
Men’s BB
Men’s B
Women’s A
Women’s B/BB

$150 per team. Team captains submit your team name and level as soon as you’re ready to sign up and one payment for your team either the night before electronically or the day of cash preferred.
Team t-shirts encouraged but not mandatory. (Mark your libero accordingly if you have one.)
Cash payout at each level based on the number of teams within that level. 4-6 teams winner takes all. 7 or more cash payout to 1st and 2nd.
If you would like to play but don’t have a team please submit the level and positions you would like to play and we’ll help match with players and/or teams needing players.
May bring in food and drinks. Only vending machines available.
Showers are also available on site.
Sign up today! See you on the courts!

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