Coed Doubles Dome Volleyball Tournament Vol 3.

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11:00 am EDT

Woodlands Backyard

$30/person. Cash payout. Please bring cash

MUST have a name for your partner to register.

Early registration preferred. I will take
registrations until Friday, March 20th, at 7pm.

Coed rules. Guys must serve to guys. Beach doubles rules apply. Doubles sized courts(8mx8m). Teams not playing may have to ref

Make a comment or DM Brandon Yee to register. Can also text 614-314-2047 (DM/text preferred). MUST have a partner’s name to secure a spot. Tell me your partner’s name. NO TBD for a partner allowed. Minimum of 6 teams to have this tournament


11am – doors open
11am-11:30am – check-in/pay
11:30-11:40am – pool play/round robin begins
2/2:30pm – elimination begins(approx)
(Goal is to end by 6pm or earlier)

Beach doubles rules apply: NO open two hand receive(unless it is a hard driven attack), NO open hand tips, NO touching the net, Block counts as a touch, BB level calls for two hand sets, NO
two hand sets across the net.

Pool play of at least 3 sets followed by single elimination tournament. All teams make the tournament and I will reseed according to pool play record. Goal is to have match play during the elimination tournament. I will break into an upper and lower bracket if 8 teams or more play. Cap of 16 teams

Payout(if 12 teams play, payout will be adjusted if less than 12 teams play)

1st in Upper $200
2nd in Upper $80
1st in Lower $80

(16 team payout)
1st Upper $220
2nd Upper $100
1st Lower $100
2nd Lower $60

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