Charity (TBD) Blind Draw!

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6:30 pm CDT

Downers Sand Club Sports Bar & Grill

Hey All this will a regular blind draw!! Sign up as an individual and get connected with 3 others to make your team of 4!!

You DO NEED TO PREPAY TO BE REGISTERED. We accept Venmo, Payapl or Chase Quick Pay. Once we receive the $25 we will add you to the list. Start by sending an email to [email protected] and paying by one of the methods above to the email [email protected]

Blind Draw – you play every team in your pool. Based on your teams wins, losses and points your team then advances to playoffs. Every team makes playoffs.

Maximum 40 players – $25/ person – start time 7:00pm so please arrive at 6:30pm for sign ups. We will be starting at 7pm so do not be late!!

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