BB/A RevCo Quads Fundraiser – CASH

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8:00 am EDT

Lititz Area Mennonite School

Reverse Coed Quads with CASH prizes!

Players First is hosting this event as a fundraiser for our very own Bethany Knowles. She will be headed to Africa this year on an outreach to women in Kenya and Uganda. We appreciate all of your support – our last fundraiser event was a HUGE success!

The format will be Reverse Coed Quads. Rules:

$140 per team
Registration the day of will start at 8am with the first match starting at 830am
Women’s height net
Men cannot hit in front of the 10′ line
Minimum 1 male per team
Only 1 male per team / set can jump serve, and only 1 male can be designated to attack (this can be the same male if desired)
No open hand tipping or pushing over the net

We will give out CASH to first place and have prizes for second.

We will also do a 50/50 raffle during the event. Tickets can be purchased during the event, and a winner will be drawn to win half of those ticket sales.

To register for the event, please post here or send me a direct message with your team roster.

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