B/BB/A All ages Indoor Open Gym – Fun & Friendly

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8:00 pm CST

Hoffman Estates Park District Willow Rec Center
Free On-Site Parking Available

Long-running co-ed open gym that has a good mix of BB/A players and a few B players. We send away beginners who are not willing to learn or who don’t learn fast enough. It would not be safe for them. We have an organizer who makes the teams. Usually you will be on the same team all night.

If you are A/AA, lower your expectations and do not expect to play only with certain players. We will accommodate, within reason but we want a fun and friendly atmosphere. Many gyms are “cliquish” and not welcoming. Go there if you like that. We don’t want you to be bored, though, so speak up if you don’t feel you are being treated well week after week.

We go to First Place Sports bar for good food and drinks after. Newcomers are welcome to join us.

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