6th Annual Night Glow Tournament

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5:30 pm CDT

Rivals Sports Pub and Grille

6th Annual Night Glow Tournament, Friday August 23rd. $100/team. Includes FREE open keg and pizza bar for the teams! Max 5 players/team with a 2 girl min. Grab your friends, wear bright colors, throw on some glow paint, and come have fun under the moon!
IMPORTANT INFO: 1. Each team will receive a glow necklace, whatever female that is wearing the necklace during the match will get 2 POINTS per kill/ace. 2. Too many teams wanted to play prior, and there was too much down time, so there will be a hard cut off this year, and you MUST pay online to ensure a spot.(Payment accepted at PayPal to [email protected]) 3. Please keep in mind this tournament is meant for people to eat, drink, play and have fun at a low price, so if you are looking for high payout, this is not for you.

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