5th Annual Dirty’s Donut Open

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8:00 am CDT

St Donatus Community Club

5th annual Men’s and Womens Grass Triples in St Donatus, Iowa (basically Dubuque).

The tournament will be held in the outfield of the St Donatus Community Club ball field.


Max of 30 teams (15 Mens, 15 Womens). The format will be 3 pools of 5 that will split into an upper and lower single elimination tournament. Payouts will go to upper and lower. We will be following the same rules as Waupaca Boatride. This tournament has filled fast the past few years, so I suggest getting your teams in early.

Please let me know what level of play you are when signing up (AA, A/BB, or B). This will help me divide the pools evenly.

If you have any questions feel free to ask my wife or I.

“When I die, you need to name this tournament after me” – Randy T (still alive)

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