2020 RV Community Center Competitive Volleyball Tournament

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8:30 am EDT

Redbank Valley High School

The Redbank Valley Community Center will hold a competitive volleyball tournament on Saturday, March 28th starting at 8:30AM (Gyms open by 8AM) in the morning. It will consist of a minimum of two girls on the court at all times. We will allow teams the use of a libero or a sub. Max roster size will be 8 people. We will cap the competitive tournament at 30 teams, and the cost will be $120 per team. This tournament is for individuals and teams on the B and BB levels.

Competitive Tournament will be run as follows:
* Pool play will consist of 5 pools of 6 teams playing in round robin format. All pool play will be 2 games to 18. You do not have to win by 2. All but one of the pools will be played at Redbank Valley High School. 1 of the pools will be played at Oakland Church of God in Distant, PA (about 4 miles away).
* The top two teams from each pool will advance to the Gold Division playoffs. The middle two teams will advance to the Silver Division playoffs. The bottom 2 teams from each pool will advance the the Bronze Division playoffs. Each division will have a champion.
* Liberos will be allowed, but teams playing with one must report the libero to the ref and other team before the game. We will follow volleyball rules for the libero and two girls must be on the court for all rotations.
* Teams will be allowed to play with less than 6 players but must maintain 2 girls on the court at all times.
* For the Gold bracket, rounds 1 and 2 of the playoffs will be 1 game to 25. Semis and final will be a best of three. First two games to 25 (win by two) and last game to 15 (win by two). Top six seeds will earn a bye to round two.
* All Silver Division playoff games will be 1 game to 25 except the final which will be best of three (25-25-15). All Bronze Division games will be one game to 25.
* Playing with the foot will be allowed.
* One foot will be allowed over the line on the serve.
* Each court will have a ref, scorekeeper, and two line judges for all games courtesy of the RV Volleyball team.
* First games will begin at 8:30AM. Warmup before your first game will be 5 minutes. All other games will only have a two minute warmup period that starts as soon as the previous game is over. Game start times will be approximate (except for 8:30AM games) so make sure your team is here early and ready to play.
* Tiebreakers will be 1. Head to head record 2. Head to head point differential 3. Overall point differential 4. Coinflip
* Each team will have one timeout per game.
* You can pay by check or by cash. Checks can be made out to “RVCC”
* This tournament is being held at a school and at a church. No alcohol is permitted either in the building or on the property of either location. Please respect this rule so we can continue to host this tournament every year.

All games will be played at Redbank Valley High School and Oakland Church of God (122 Kohlersburg Rd. Distant, PA). Please message Doug Henry to reserve your spot in this tournament.

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